Pest Management

Most trees and shrubs attract or harbor what are generally considered pests to a cultivated landscape. These can be easily detected animals or insects, or microscopic invaders such as destructive fungi or disease. When left to nature, a balance is often struck in a shared environment, but in the created landscape imbalances occur that require intervention.

Through our consulting service, Gallagher Tree Service LLC can tailor a pest management program for your specific needs. We have cost effective and environmentally friendly tools that will successfully manage many of the most common pests and diseases. Our staff’s education in entomology, tree pathology, and soil science, in addition to our field expertise, allows us to examine and treat your landscape in a comprehensive and environmentally friendly way.

Since the best preventive practice is to create landscapes that are vigorous, drought tolerant, resistant to disease, and free of pests, we recommend that you take advantage of our high quality tree pruning and fertilization services.