Gallagher Tree Service LLC provides consulting services to every corner of the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Region of New Hampshire and Vermont. Our certified arborists are eager to share their expertise with you as your plan and maintain your landscape. Concerns often fall into one of these four categories.

Construction consultation: It can take up to five years for the full extent of damage due to construction to become evident in the landscape. For this reason, we highly recommend that you consult with us before breaking ground on your next project. When planning a project of any size that will disturb or alter the landscape, it is wise practice to have the input of a professional arborist.

Our services to building projects include taking inventory of the trees and shrubs on your site and determining which are potential candidates for preservation, helping define areas of high use for staging materials and equipment, and establishing tree protection zones to ensure the safety and health of your trees in their new landscape.

Hazardous tree evaluation: The development of a hazardous tree situation is greatly influenced by factors such as soil conditions, water table, and exposure. Most failures occur during storm events with unusual winds, saturated soils, or snow and ice loads. Advance evaluation by our certified arborists, educated to assess tree function and structure, soils, topography, and local climate can help you preserve your landscape and avoid a hazardous tree removal in the future.

Landscape consultation: Our landscape consultation can provide valuable information for anyone in the planning stages of a landscape project. Our site analysis includes soil sampling, planting design, plant selection, irrigation layout, night lighting plans, and recommendations for care after your landscape project is completed.

Plant health consultation: If you suspect you may have an invading pest or disease in your landscape, our knowledgeable staff can identify the problem and provide an effective strategy for corrective action.